My First Fight

The time has come. My first San da tournament has arrived. Well, I say arrived, it’s in November. It’s a novices tournament so I shouldn’t come up against any amazing fighters that will decimate me and my coach thinks I’m more than ready. Just one problem really…… The wife don’t want me to fight!

As I play rugby, this weekend is going to be a tiring one and I’m not sure how she’ll take it as it’ll mean saturday rugby and Sunday San da. Which doesn’t leave much time for family. This should be ok cause I’ll take some time off work. Just not sure how I’ll approach the situation, let alone tell her I’m fighting!!

I have to do this though. Come April, the British championships are taking place and my coach thinks I’ve a good chance, so this tournament will be great experience for me. Just need to persuade the mrs that San da isn’t as violent as mma and I’ll probably get more hurt playing rugby.

Wish me luck. Anyone fancy coming to watch, drop me a line for details. Support is MORE than welcome!!

Usurper To The Crown

I have a problem. There is treason afoot within the court.

They say a man’s home is his castle. This is true, but my kingdom has always been the rugby field. Here, I have felt safe and secure, knowing that my skills and abilities will protect me. They are my moat and my fortifications, my shirt is my crown and my team mates are my army. Now, it seems, one of the foot soldiers dares to offer up a potential new king who wishes to claim my crown for himself.

During the off-season, some of the foot soldiers converted to the new religion of “rugby league“. This is not a treacherous act as the union was not being played and so was allowed by royal decree. However, whilst at this new church, another was discovered. A strong being with physical powers comparable to myself.

This has caused me considerable concern. Although my royal power has strengthened of late thanks in part to losing weight and getting fitter, this upstart is still a threat. A battle was had yesterday in which he was given a frontline position. His strength is undeniable. The remaining skills necessary to wear the crown were not on show. After seeing what he had in the heat of battle, I’m not excessively concerned now. True, I’m going to have to work harder to keep the crown, but with solid training I believe my natural god given talent will shine through. DEUS VULT!!

Failing that, there’s always bribery.

Drunken Girls

For those of you that follow my twitter, I’ve been out with the boys tonight. Last night of session with the rugby boys before my baby arrives.

Now I hate to blow my own trumpet, but I can handle my booze. It’s midnight, I’ve got my captain off his face due to a little game we played, but I’m fine. I’m currently waiting for a taxi and watching people.

Now watching people is a past time of mine, but I’ve never really watched drunk girls when I’ve been sober(ish). Its really quite embarrassing. These young girls are dressed up with everything hanging out and they can hardly walk!!

I’ve just seen one girl CARRYING her friend down the road. What must their parents think?!? This may sound really cruel, but I can see how some girls get attacked and things.

God, I’m sounding REALLY old now…..

Training Not Quite Going To Plan

All my life I’ve been a rugby player and I absolutely adore the game. Without being too big headed or egotistical, I’m also a pretty talented player. What I mean by this is that it comes very naturally to me (passing, tackling, tactics, positioning) so I don’t have to work as hard as others.

That’s my problem. Because I find it easy I don’t work hard at training and I’ve become fat and lazy.

I’ve just come back from a long term injury and my fitness is shocking. Never been this bad. So now I want to train but my lazy side is making it very difficult.

I’ve also restarted muay Thai. Once again, I’m loving this!!! However, due to my shocking physical state I’m finding this MUCH harder than rugby and it’s embarrassing me!!! At least when I go rugby training I have my skill to hide my unfitness. Not so at Thai boxing.

But I’m trying. I’m trying to get myself motivated to train rugby twice a week and Thai twice a week. I’m failing at the minute, but I’m going to keep trying and hopefully defeat my lazy demons!!!!

Any words of encouragement or advice gratefully received!!!

Marylin Monroe Gets Man-Flu

It’s been a while since I last posted (No excuses really as I now have the app on my iPhone that lets me access, post and read my blog!) so I thought I’d be a typical man and tell you all how rough I’m feeling today.

I went out last Friday for my stag do with the rugby boys (proper stag weekend to Berlin is coming up). As I’m sure you would have gathered, they got me extremely drunk (although a few comments were made at how much I put away and how well I did) and dressed me as Marylin Monroe with green fairy wings. This was fine while we were in the rugby club. However, come leaving the club for the town centre, the weather got decidedly colder and wearing a thin dress and thong and not much else leaves you VERY cold.


Suffice to say, I don’t remember much of the night and Sunday and Monday was a write off. Tuesday comes and I’m sniffling and snorting and feeling like death warmed up.

I’m now sat at work, coughing my right lung up, nose feels like the blackwall tunnel at rush hour and my head feels like it’s been stamped on. Women moan about child birth, they should try man-flu!!

Broken Neck (Nearly….)

Weekends go by so quickly. I remember as a kid, I’d go off on my bike for hours with my friends and it would seem like eternity!!

Anyway, enough of the nostalgia (for this post anyways).

Saturday morning, I roused myself for the first rugby game of this year. It had been about 4 weeks or more since I last played and I was dreading it. Felt all fat and slobby from Christmas still. Still, didn’t take me long to get into the swing of things. About ten minutes in, we have a scrum on the opposition 22 and a scissors move was called between myself and the fly-half. Ball came out nice and quick (for once) I ran a beautiful line and cut through the defence for our first score.

The game continued in this vein, with Isle of Wight never really testing our resolve. It was all going so well until about th 20th minute of the second half. I side stepped my inside centre and pushed off the fly-half, when all of a sudden I see a big fat forward come bounding towards me. I get myself low to try and duck under him, but unfortunately, I positioned myself a bit wrong. My head went straight into his gut. All I heard was this God-awful crack and the base of my head went numb.

I have to admit, I was terrified. I’ve been playing rugby for nearly 18 years now and know full well the dangers it poses, but I’ve never been that close.

I hit the deck and screamed “my neck”. The game was stopped and, luckily for me, our two new physio’s came bounding over. In the mean time, I wiggled my fingers and toes and relieved myself with the knowledge I wasn’t paralysed. A minute or two of massage on my neck and a hand from a couple of the boys, I was on the touchline. Stiff, but none the worse for wear.

I feel a bit of a pussy looking back on how I screamed, but then again, I had thought for an instance I had broke my neck. No one took the piss in the bar, so I couldn’t have been that bad.

Still stiff today, but it’s loosening. Sure a good run out Saturday will loosen it some more!! (c: