My First Tournament: SUCCESS!!

I had my first san da tournament yesterday. I’ve been building up to it for a while now, as you may have seen from my previous post and I think it went quite well. I got a silver medal, which for my first outing, wasn’t too bad going.

The tournament was tagged as being “A Novice San Shou Fight Day”, basically meaning that only people with 3 fights or less could enter. The problem with this was that the organisers left a loophole: Sure, you couldn’t compete with more than 3 fights, but you could have been training for years and still compete!! This little detail became apparent in a few bouts, most notably one of my team mates gold medal fight. He has been training for around 3 months, his opponent………….. about 3 years! My friend put on a great show, really fought his hardest and never backed down, but the other guys skill level was too great and he forced a ref stoppage. Really soured the whole deal for me.

As for me, I had to compete against one club’s instructor (he hadn’t fought before, so qualified!!) for my first round fight. He was a big guy and I’ve never sparred with anyone my own weight before. I wasn’t used to throwing people my own size and it really showed during the fight:

I got the victory here. Gassed in the second round, but pulled it back in the third.

I then had about 30 minutes rest before my final fight. This was against a guy from the same club as my previous fight. He was a bit different a fighter, much more lithe and looking to kick, which is how I like it! I thought the first round was his, then the second round was mine. The judges disagreed and awarded the lot to him. I was FUMING!! I felt totally cheated. I’ve since looked back at the video and I think both rounds were much closer than I originally thought.

I still stand by my call that it should have gone to a third round and I was cheated from the gold, but I’m so very proud of my performance and my whole club’s performance! 2 silvers and 2 bronze medals out of a potential 6, remembering none of us had ever fought before and we all but 2 had less than 7 months training (I’m on 7 months myself). Well done team Wutan!

My First Fight

The time has come. My first San da tournament has arrived. Well, I say arrived, it’s in November. It’s a novices tournament so I shouldn’t come up against any amazing fighters that will decimate me and my coach thinks I’m more than ready. Just one problem really…… The wife don’t want me to fight!

As I play rugby, this weekend is going to be a tiring one and I’m not sure how she’ll take it as it’ll mean saturday rugby and Sunday San da. Which doesn’t leave much time for family. This should be ok cause I’ll take some time off work. Just not sure how I’ll approach the situation, let alone tell her I’m fighting!!

I have to do this though. Come April, the British championships are taking place and my coach thinks I’ve a good chance, so this tournament will be great experience for me. Just need to persuade the mrs that San da isn’t as violent as mma and I’ll probably get more hurt playing rugby.

Wish me luck. Anyone fancy coming to watch, drop me a line for details. Support is MORE than welcome!!

So Annoyed..

I’m So annoyed

I’ve been training in San Da (which is Chinese kickboxing, similar to Muay Thai, but you don’t use knees or elbows, but you can use wrestling throws) for about 3-4 months now and I’m really enjoying it. I can feel I’m getting better, probably not as quickly as I would hope, but it’s a work in progress.

I’m currently training for the chance to go to a tournament in April with the VERY slim chance of being picked for the British team (not that I’m ANYWHERE near good enough for that!!). I’ve told my work this since I started it and they’ve supported me, or at least sounded like they did.

Because of the importance of this tournament, my coach is saying I need to train more (which is a given). Unfortunately, training starts at 6 and I finish work at 6.

So I asked my boss if I could start 30 minutes earlier and leave 30 minutes earlier. They said no……. How unfair!! Granted, I’ve got a lot of work on, but still, it’s my time and it’s not as though I’m asking for time off, just a little shuffle of my hours. But thats just typical of my head office (as I’m sure you’ll find out)

I guess I’ll have to speak to my coach and see what he says. I’m really disappointed though as I’m really enjoying it. Hopefully he’ll still let me compete.