I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Google has released its answer to Facebook………. Google+! It’s a breath of fresh air and I love it!!

Basically, it seems to be a bit of a cross between Facebook and Twitter, with all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses. Needless to say, I’m loving it.

Instead of having just a list of friends who see everything you post, G+ has something called circles (this is my fav part). In this, you split your friends/relatives/contacts into different circles, then when you post something, you can choose who see’s it (I don’t want my mum seeing pics of me on the lash but my friends would, nor do my rugby chums want to see lots of pictures of my little girl but my family do). Also, you can split out your stream so instead of getting loads of Farmville rubbish all the time, you can select specific circles that will show up. It’s GENIUS!!!

The only issue at the moment is it’s not open to the public yet. Still in test mode and to gain access, you need to be invited. And all you lucky readers can get involved!! I have invites galore, so if you’d care to join up and see what’s got me excited, here’s the link: Google+ Invite There are only 150 invites per person, so be quick.

As it’s still in test mode, I’ll report back with any updates and stuff I find……..

Finding Old Friends

You would think that with the explosion of social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, it would be a piece of piss to find an old friend. But what happens if the friend has got married or doesn’t do social networking sites (Yes, there are still some living in the 20th century!)?

I’ve been thinking for a while about contacting a few old friends and building some bridges I completely demolished, but I’ve no idea how to start. It was years ago I knew them, so the likely hood of them or their family living in the same house is remote. Feasable, but remote. I guess sending a letter with my e-mail and asking for them to get in touch with me could be done.

If I’m honest, I doubt I’ll do it anyway. I get these crazy notions every now and again. Would be real good to catch up, but can your past, present an future mix?